Hey there, my name is

Eduardo Zepeda

Turning ideas and coffee into <code>

Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, GNU/Linux

About me

Web developer with experience in ecommerce sites. I'll be solving your web app's (or your company's) necessities with awesome and mature technologies like Django, DRF, React, NextJS, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Go, Hugo and other related libraries/frameworks.

I'm an experienced GNU/Linux user and have been using GNU/Linux environments for more than a decade, whether it be for personal or commercial projects.

I'm a big fan of Digital Ocean and Azure, Microsoft AZ-900 certified.

I believe in giving back to the open source community, therefore I frequently write tutorials and posts about tech on my web development blog, feel free to read them on Coffee bytes.


Screenshot of Enfok shop website

Enfok shop

Ecommerce website for a +14k likes fanpage with tons of customers. Lots of features were added, for instance: Mercado pago integration, competition price crawling, facebook pixel events integration, receipt payment method, advanced dashboard functions and statistics, newsletter with customized affilate link system and much more.

Digital Ocean Droplet, Django, Postgres, React, Jquery, Bootstrap, Nginx, Gunicorn, Redis, Celery, Jenkins
Screenshot of Coffee bytes website

Coffee bytes

My web development blog, +100 entries/tutorials and +200 subscribed developers and +500 followers on Ig. I write new posts for developers every week.

Digital Ocean Droplet, Hugo (Prev. React + Headless WP), Nginx, Jenkins
Screenshot of Go Coffee shops API website

Go Coffee shops API

API backend written in Go from scratch and raw SQL. User management, JWT, coffee shops CRUD, following system, likes system, search by user's location, FTS, logging, rate limiting and tests. Docs generated with swaggo

Vercel, Postgres, PostGIS, Go, Gorilla, React, MUI
Screenshot of Tamper website


Geo location app that, given a location, finds the nearest speciality coffee shops in Guadalajara. Furthermore, a social network app for coffee lovers: accounts, asymmetrical following system, likes, feed, rating and reviews system.

Fly.io, Django, Vanilla CSS & JS, Postgres, PostGIS, Leaflet

Open source projects

Make your payments easier with this mercadopago payment gateway backend for django-payments. Available on PyPI.

Python, Django

A Django Package that handles all the hassle of working with Mexican Postal Service (Correos de Mexico) postal codes. Available on PyPI.

Python, Django

A concurrent web crawler written in go that looks for exposed .git and .env uris.


Hugo theme for my programming blog. Responsive, dark and light theme, and excellent stats in Lighthouse

Go, Hugo


My inbox is open for you and I'm always listening to new offers. I'd be delighted to hear about you. Although sometimes it's impossible for me, I'll try to reply in a day or two.